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February 22, 2007, 03:41 PM
Within the past two weeks, Oprah Winfrey had two of her programs about "The Secret". Her panel of guests included those who teach it now along with Jack Canfield - co-author of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series.

Techniques were discussed and people who said it worked for them gave their stories.

One main ingedient is appreciation in general and for all experiences that made you who are today. It was said that "all past experiences will contribute to the you, you want to be".

Visulization of what you want and sending your order to the universe - with full intention and expectation of getting it brings the necessary happenings (tools) into your life for full realization.

The actor Jim Carey was on a TV program this morning and talked about "The Secret". He said he's been using the principles since they were mentioned by an early grade teacher.

His grand application has been well known for some time now.

Before he was famous, he visualized having $10,000,000 by a certain date. He sent his order to the universe in the form a a check that he made out to himself for the $10 million with a date on it several years ahead.

Six months before the date on the check, he received $10,000,000 for starring in a movie!

I've used the principles for quite a while now and have seen the almost magical results.

I'm working on a grand project right now that needed skills and other components I didn't know how or where to get. They come to me, as if by magic - one by one like they're being handed down at the exact time I need them.

When I tell people about specific things I've experienced in relation to "The Secret", I get a look of "Tell me another fairytale".

Like anything else, you need to experience this for yourself...........


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