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March 30, 2007, 05:29 AM
[QUOTE=unregistered;14719]I often see ads on the internet. They claim to offer 1000s of email address, from any category you can imagine. I have two thoughts on this First will it really bring in some money if I send mails to these prospects? I can try it as these lists are real cheap. Not only will it not bring you any money - it is illegal for you to spam people who have not granted you permission to email them and your ISP will cut your internet service.

The second thought which comes to my mind is You're Right.They would have sold this list to 1000s of people so will it really help you? Only if your intention is to throw your money away, fill up peoples spam boxes and really tick them off.

Please provide your comments so that I can make a decision.

A good place to start learning about how to do email marketing is to visit the
Direct Email Marketing Center at: http://www.demc.com

Steve Shulenski
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