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April 1, 2007, 09:36 AM
Thank you Michael.

YOU seem more committed to this than your Buddy.

Well... although his commitment was lacking in the past, he IS QUITE committed now. You see... he's been involved in the industry for the past 10 years as a production painter. He had a contract that recently came to an end with the US Military to paint various Hummer parts.

I've known this guy forever... we've worked various projects together for the past 20 years. What he is lacking is organization, follow-up skills, and the ability to face the rejection that is a big part of the sales gig. That's where I come in! :)

We actually fit real well together. He brings technical experience to the table and I provide a mix of organizational and marketing skills.

He actually came to me with this idea after he read your report I loaned him about creating "obligations" to achieve success. I can't remember the name of the report right now... but it had quite an impact on him. Kinda like when you want to work-out and exercise... it's always better to have a partner to help with the motivation. It seems to be working so far.

Has Corporate defined what they mean by Better - seems you've already done Better?

Corporate is already thrilled with our progress so far. They are willing to support our efforts in any way they can to penetrate this long neglected territory. As a matter of fact they are already discussing expanding our Michigan territory to extend beyond the Detroit Market. We have kept them informed of our plan and efforts so far, and they are confident we will work the market to it's best potential.

Up until a few years ago... these smaller suppliers had a "field day". They were supplying shops with similar quality products that the "major" paint manufacturers were selling, but at a drastically reduced price. Sales were "EASY"! Now that the competition is heating up among smaller suppliers, reps have to work harder and smarter to be profitable. Corporate recognizes that we have a system that provides us the best possible chance of market penetration.

After you have developed this market, what is there to stop Corporate deciding it's not good enough and taking the area away as they have already threatened? Or even just taking it away anyway?

Well here's the deal... my partner is very close friends with a VP at corporate. He is well aware of the work we are putting in and is bending over backwards to help us succeed. The Company's been in biz since 1948 and they seem to be a solid and honest player. So I don't feel they will pull the rug out from under us.

I remember checking out Werth's stuff a few years back. I'll check him out again. Thanks for the suggestion. I have been reading Tom Hopkins and Steve Schiffman's stuff. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thanks again Michael for the response.


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