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Duane Adolph
April 3, 2007, 11:12 AM
Thanks Phil, Ankesh

Phil: Thanks for the links to the "old" Sowpub Thread. I have to take a look at those interviews regarding local search and PPC.

I like what you said in your post though.

"You just Never know what type of Products and Services some People might be willing to pay for"

Too many people, (myself included...sometimes) will not even make an offer or run a test on some of their ideas because they have the attitude/belief which says "Nobody would buy this"..."Trust Me I know because IIIII wouldn't buy this".

So they don't even try!

The potential cause could be "Intelligent Arrogance", "Ego" or just plain fear of making a mistake.

Those causes stop a lot of people from trying something or putting an offer out there because it's "TOO Silly"..."Nobody would ever buy this ".
Thus a sale could NEVER be made, and a business Never started.

But wait..

Then comes the HighSchool Drop Out that "others" consider "less intelligent" but he Tries Anything.

He has no hangups about "Looking Silly" or appearing stupid, because all his Academic life, this was what people may have said anyways.

He let's The Customer tell him whether his idea is valid or not, he does not Stop himself prematurely.

Oh well...His loss, their win.

Ankesh: Thanks for the example of the postal service over in India.
And fr.ee Cellphones by google?

What will they think of next.

It makes me wonder, after All of the examples from Phil, Yourself and Dien.

Almost any Expense item

Phone, Webhosting, Webpage, Car?, house? etc. etc. could be Sponsored or Subsidized by advertising of some kind.

For example:

There was a story on Oprah that I had recorded on VHS, of a couple that had their own Fairy Tale Wedding where they paid for nothing.

Everything was tactfully sponsored by businesses.

Everything from napkins, to catering was sponsored. With little discreet Tags or advertisements from the company that provided the service.

Now THAT is innovative.

Also noticed when I worked in the Hotels many ages ago, that famous celebrities or "The rich ie. Presidents of Banks" barely paid for anything.

The businesses were so happy just to be associated with them. The stars got TOP services for fr.ee.


Meal bill...Comped

Limo Service...On the house

Tailor ... special pricing..."Just let me take your picture and put it up"


I'm straying a little from the original google April Fools thread...

but it's certainly worth thinking about isn't it :->

Who wouldn't want fr.ee stuff LOL

Thanks Duane.

A service like Gmail paper doesn't make sense because of the economics.

It would be very hard to get more than 10 cents per imprint of an ad. And it costs way way more than 10 cents to print a paper and then deliver it.

But there is a service started in India. Where you email your letter and send the postage + a small fee along. The co. then prints your email, adds postage to it and then mails it.

And the Indian postal service also offers this other thing: people can pay half price (I think its half price but not 100% sure) to send a postcard if its ok with them to show ads on the flip side of the postcards...

So ads are getting more and more intrusive. But I don't the economics are there to make posting completely free yet.

And rumour has it - that Google is working on making cell phone networks free - by sending ads to cell phones (I read that before April 1st - so am pretty sure it wasn't a spoof).

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