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Kelly Kasabian
April 1, 2007, 06:30 PM
Hey everyone -

A few posts earlier there's a gentleman asking about direct sales and helping out a friend of his in a territory ...

...well I rec'd this email (it's not spam because I've chosen to purposely be on this marketers list - to see what kinda' controls he puts up and what he's doing as he's sold a lot over the years) and a part of it just came off as so silly to me - and I imagine ANYONE who has REAL, face-to-face sales experience that I just have to share it...

...Okay - first, I have to be careful here - a part of me wants to mention the name of this MAJOR marketer, but I'm thinking that he's gotten results with his ad copy and probably learned a thing or two from a few people on here - or is well regarded by some - so instead of turning this into an attack - let me just post the part (paraphrased in MY words - so there aren't any legal/copyright issues) that I find silly and get everyone's opinion to see if I'm on track (plus this will dispell anyone who thinks I'm an affiliate or promoting it as I'm not including ordering info/names etc.) ...

Alright -again, I have to "paraphrase" here and re-word it, lest I infringe on any copyright issues - but let me say that the guy goes into a long sales-pitch for doing joint ventures with his company ...and how with the millions you'll be bringing him - you'll stand to make 50K or 100K on each deal yourself (Wow - sounds impressive - just look at the dollar-signs in my eyes!!) ('course I'm ROLLING my eyes at this point, in reality) ...so he goes on and on about how if you've got the talent to bring him the deals - he'll give you %'s so you'll be making money like never before - etc. ...only thing is (surprise) you have to learn his system ...

...no big deal - right? After all - if the guy needs people to bring him deals - then learning his system should be something he is more than willing to show you ... right? Heheheh.. this is the best part - he wants you TO PAY HIM to bring him deals ... here it is paraphrased:

"I can't... waste time on people
who... can't make... deals happen...."

"....anyone to be trained to represent my
interests must put up a
$1,000 to show you're serious"


Okay ... any salesman who's a CLOSER - who has closed people on a regular BASIS ...is the only type of salesperson that this guy is going to want to work with.... closers, indeed, are hard to find ... closers are what you want - they are the 20% of the 80-20 rule....


Okay folks - having been in sales for years (and don't get me wrong - I don't know everything ...particularly the marketing angle - hey, that's why I often post with you guys cuz' all of you GET that part of it) ...this is just silly and laughable ...I am posting it here because I think many of you might have gotten this guy's email (again I purposefully put myself on his list JUST so I can see what he's up to ...) ...

...but I'd like to know of anyone - anyone who has seriously done any real sales (face to face - over the phone - you name it) ...if you dont' find this as ridiculous as I do ...

...the reason I ask isn't for any votes of confidence for myself - it's because I have to explain this kinda' thing over and over to people I've run into who are thinking about selling something hair-brained or whatever ...and then they tell me they have to PAY the company in order to represent them and I'm like "HOLY SHI-ITE ... you've GOT to be kidding me????"

...Fine - this 'guru' has got a prime market of wannabe's who think they can bring this guy deals after PAYING him to do so - then I guess he's just working his gig and I don't want to mess that up for him ...but I did write him the following email (anonymously, of course):
Dear ______ -

Your chutzpah is something to behold - I send this from a different email than the one you actually sent it to because I like seeing the "control" pieces (or tests) you send out - you've got to be getting some interesting results from what you're doing ...but I feel absolutely compelled to tell you, after reading this most recent email ... I'm a salesperson by trade ... and fine, maybe you don't know that, but any salesman worth his salt is going to bawk at the idea of PAYING someone to bring them deals ...

..yeah, yeah - sure you'll get a lot of gullible people to believe that line about "training the right people" etc ... for goodness sake - then why don't you have website that you could point real salespeople to so they can "train themselves" into your way of doing things - and those people could then bring you deals with NO cash-output or overhead expense of your own?

Tell me why you wouldn't do this? After all, I'd love to bring deals to you - and get a percentage of the deal -I've been involved in sales for years now ...you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain from it.

I'll await your answer...

Thank you.
I'm not expecting a response ...but if I get one I'll share the gist of it with you guys.

Thanks for letting me rant a bit ...although I think some people could learn a lot from this post ...and please, anyone, I'd love to hear from you if you've ever even HEARD of a situation where someone PAYS someone to bring them or their company sales and it's actually legit.



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