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Kelly Kasabian
April 7, 2007, 04:17 PM
Guys -

I'll let all of you sort out whether it's a good cause or not (sounds like one to me ) ...

...but Michael does make a good point about disclosing what you're doing and such ...it might sound a bit paranoid (sorry Michael) ...but it sorta' struck home to me ...

...I used to work on a tall sailing ship a couple days a week (sailing's a hobby) ... and I used to have an "away notice" on my email or my instant messengers saying "I'm off sailing the seven seas!" ...I thought it was kinda' cute to say this ...

...but I realized I was literally advertising the fact that I wasn't home...

...anyhow - folks - here's a story that kinda' ties into all of this, but not exactly ...it just shows we live in different times and there's great power in the hands of single individuals to cause havoc, more so than ever before ...please take a moment to read this (most of you probably already know about it):



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