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Kelly Kasabian
April 7, 2007, 04:08 PM
Hey All -

The idea of Ankesh's thread is excellent - but I created a new thread for the ultimate test ...

...everything is the same as what Ankesh asked - only difference is - what would you do - with only a $100 ... AND NO VEHICLE.

This is a major difference ...now it might sound a bit weird or off the mark - but, in fact, if you factor in the cost of a car, insurance and gasoline - many options come off the table immediately - while others are added...

...for example, chatteling (a great, GREAT biz/skill to be sure) becomes unreasonable ...many things become unreasonable if your vehicle breaks down or simply no longer exists...

...in a way, it really forces you to make your money online or with your phone or both ...

...so again, my question is - what would you do with only a hundred bones - an internet connection, a phone and perhaps PayPal, an eBay account and a email?

This ratchets things up quite a bit...

Thanks to all in advance...


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