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Sandi Bowman
May 28, 2007, 03:09 PM
Missed my point entirely. Why should there be this group thing at all? If it's one person paying for one policy, they should then be judged solely on THEIR specific probabilities...not that of a whole group of strangers. This whole group thing just plays into the hands of the insurance companies at considerable cost to individuals.

Yes, I know one can get individual policies...and pay a hefty premium for the privilege...but why? If they're healthier than the norm, they shouldn't have to pay a premium to get the coverage they want.

It's no more impossible to evaluate the probabilities of an individual than that of a group...but it's not in the insurance company's best interests so they pass that piece of crock pie on to unsuspecting consumers.

Group policies were purportedly instituted to give a break for bulk buying but, in reality, it has just increased costs for those who do not belong to a group or choose to customize their policy purchase to fit their circumstances. It's still a ripoff, no matter how you slice it...and the only ones who benefit are the insurance companies.

I worked in insurance years ago and I can tell you this isn't even half the story...by a looooong shot! The insurance companies are akin to the pharmaceutical companies in that they, because of their big bucks, call the shots regardless of who oversees their regulation. It's a farce...just like the FDA not hearing about any negatives that occur in the course of testing. What a crock!

Sandi Bowman

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