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Millard Grubb
August 4, 2007, 08:27 PM
Yesterday I was getting ready to talk with one of the famed marketers here on the board (You all know who he is) when I had to rush off to the hospital to check on my grandmother who was taken there by ambulance.

My grandfather and grandmother raised me in the heart of the Ozarks years ago and they are my "folks". To see my "Grandma" hooked up to tubes and oxygen not knowing what was wrong and hoping she was gonna make it is something I don't wish on anyone.

But as I talked with her and Grandpa, I realized once again, that money is not the end...It helps make life easier and you've gotta have it to help others....

But the people you love, and the relationships you've developed make far more for you that headlines, or offers, or knockout adword techniques.

I endeavor RIGHT NOW to make sure I give FAR MORE that I ever get to the people I touch in life.

Pondering life,


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