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August 14, 2007, 04:17 AM
Thanks for asking Billt.

Ask 100 people who aren't geeks what blogs are. And 50 of them won't know. Most people who read blogs don't even know that they are reading blogs.

And why is that? Because defining your dot com venture as a blog or a website makes no difference to your readers. As long as you give them good content - they are happy.

There are two big advantages that blog types sites have over the usual non-blog websites:

1. Blogs are much much easier to update
2. Bloggers are a very vocal community. Many bloggers will link to you.

But thats about it. If you create a 300 page website - it'll have the same effect as a 300 page blog. Search engines will love you equally. But its harder to update a 300 page website than a 300 page blog.

So should you go with a blog format or the usual website format?

In my opinion - if you are starting a new website - go with the blog format. Specifically - WordPress. Its very very flexible. And much easier to build upon in the future. And its completely free.

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