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View Full Version : Butt Cam Offers Rear View For Shoppers... Interesting idea...

August 22, 2007, 05:47 AM
I'm addicted to the News... It's always full of interesting ideas... And some Good Fun on those coffee breaks...

This one's Creating an interesting Buzz! in the News today...

Hub co-owner Tom Simon said he came up with the idea after watching customers try in vain to check out their rear ends.

Simon is now trying to patent the Butt Cam...

Now I Bet this is an Idea that will have a few “twisting” around and Thinking about... :)

It's a pretty Easy Problem to Solve now... And How Many retail stores would Love to offer a Butt Cam to their Customers...

Hmm! How about Starting up a Butt Cam Service?

Strictly a professional business... And Mobile... 2 Bucks or so a Butt... ;)

Some Great PR possibilities... Along with early retirement on you know what...

Butt Cam Offers Rear View For Shoppers
No More Twisting And Turning


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