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September 8, 2007, 11:17 AM
seminar months.

It is that time of the year. SEMINAR season. You can't swing a screaming guru without knocking down several more, can ya?

I hear through the grapevine that the SECRETS are coming fast and furious, and we're all going to be in trouble as consumers soon. We won't be able to RESIST the offers headed our way.

OH, as an aside, I do have a foil lined hat (that I might license out) that I wear while online so as to not get hypnotized by the exciting copy regarding the latest product coming my way.

Now this is more tongue in cheek than any assault on the gurus. I love em all. Always have. I've learned tons of them.

BUT at the same time, I've always said to WATCH what they do as much as LISTEN to what they tell you. And with that in mind...

They are having SEMINARS. BIG ones. Private and personal ones. Expensive ones. Affordable ones. Pitch fests. REAL useful information on copywriting, marketing, the Internet and other things.

HECK, even I have signed up for one. It is a two day workshop on Intellectual Property, put on by a couple of the biggest IP attornies in this area. It is mostly for attornies and part of it is to help them build their IP businesses. I'm going for the contacts and to get a better look at how IP works and operates.

I've made NO secret here or anywhere I've been bugging certain people about revealing thier "TOLL Postion" strategies these past two or three years.

Since I got involved with inventors last year, I've seen this fascinating world open up. It makes me want to bring back my golf club and game that I co-created, Froggin'. And to dust off all those old IDEAS that have gotten put upon the shelves as of lately.

Three men have REopened my eyes, of course, Mr. Harvey Brody who wrote the book on "TOLL Position marketing" many years ago... and wrote the REPORT we post to here.

Jim Straw, and his course on "Advanced Finder's" Fees... How to Become a Millionaire in One Year. OH, here's my affiliate link...and I do offer some support, encouragement and HOW TO along the way for you too...


And a guy named Harvey Reese, whose books are a real eye opener.

There is a common theme here, about making DEALS. And at the end of the day, when it is all said and done...

it comes down to this:

You don't get paid for doing nothing. The highest paying "work" you can do is to learn how to make "deals".

That is the REAL value of attending seminars and workshops. To meet other people, get to know others with a similar interest, and perhaps make a deal or two along the way.

Now it can get extremely complicated, if you are striking a deal for a product you own or control and it can be very simple too.

ALL of my chatteling work was about doing a DEAL.

I wrote about the TRANSACTION a decade ago, to follow the money flow and see where it goes as a way to determine risks, profits etc.

What I left out of the TRANSACTION Pictogrigm was the TOLL postion, or the person collecting the dough by control. YOU can see this on the Square One Workshops Pictogrigms of MONEY as Residual, Royalty, Subscription and Syndication.

The discussion of Intellectual Property and especially LICENSING is probably not for the general public who could care less or aren't interested, so this will be a topic we'll discuss at either one of the new forums here, or at a new site dedicated to specific topics such as IP.

But I do know you don't have to CREATE it (but if you have a creative itch that needs to be scratched, then you probably have no choice) you can ACQUIRE and CONTROL so many different things.

The GREAT thing that has happened recently is the PROVISIONAL Patent, that buys a little time to explore the marketability of your product. Also, off shore, read CHINA, has become a tremendous out sourcing place (however, I'm going to do everything I can to have my golf club built in USA...IF you have a foundry near you that turns out golf clubs, PLEASE let me know)...

My games will probably have to be made over there. The point is:

SEPTEMBER and OCTOBER are the days of the busy bees. YOU've got to get that honey flow going.

It's not what you do, however, it's how you do it...and making DEALS today, even between your kids or spouse...is an art form that you need to master.

Gordon Jay Alexander

PS. We are and have been discussing, privately, the various forms of IP that afford a control position, such as Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Chemical Formulae, Tools, Dies and Molds. Packaging.

etc. etc. etc. WHAT I've recently discovered is: there are some great TOLL Positions gained from being first to market and not worrying about patents at all...and I've seen several examples and I've thought to myself..."I could have come up with that one"... Have YOU ever had that experience?

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