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August 28, 2008, 11:48 AM
I know that I am very late on this since it seemed to be written
last year and the viewer ship is over 125,000 now....

Regarding what you should do with high end search engine traffic...

You should have a simple website with content and mulitple videos regarding Chopper Bikes. and then add Google Adsense and YouTube videos per page

You have 25 years experience in a very lucrative field.....

If you can break down details about your experience on one website....the traffic you build with YouTube can be directed towards a adsense/youtube site and can make thousands per month and especially since you specialized in "old school choppers"...there is a market for that



Hello all,

My ten year old daughter and I recently uploaded a 90 second video to youtube. We have had over 6,000 views in a little over 30 days. The subject matter is what some would consider a niche market. Check it out for yourself if you like. You can see it at *** Youtube.com/Oldschoolchoppers ***

We have been Emailed by people all over the world telling how much they like our product (video). I have over 25 years journeymen level experience in this particular field.

My question to the Sowpub community is this . . . . What would you do with these potential customers? And how can some of us on this board use Youtube to promote our goods and services?

Thanks in advance.

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