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Dien Rice
September 12, 2007, 12:41 AM
Besides myself and Steve no one else is taking advantage of this forum. There is literally no activity from other members putting up their special deals.

I thought people requested this forum to be able to offer special deals to Sowpub members. Has the interest died off? Anyone know?
Hi Woody,

Less than a week ago, I went to a friend's party. This friend of mine is an actor (he's listed on IMDB), he's been in a few films and TV shows (all Australian ones though). He's also written and performed in his own plays.

His party was amazing... As I overheard one guy say,

"This is the first party I've been to where there was a contortionist!"

My friend had organized for two acts to give us all a free performance at his party. The first guy was a kind of "mime" act, and the second was a lady contortionist (who managed to fit herself into a tiny box - which she called her "New York apartment"!). Both acts were very, very funny!

By the way, you can see a video of the contortionist here... You also see the size of her "New York apartment" that she fits into from about halfway through the video onwards...


Anyway, the acts were amazing! But I felt sorry for a few people... Because, a few of my friends were invited, but didn't come. I thought to myself - they're gonna kill me when I tell them what they've missed out on!

That's the way I feel about it... I feel sorry for those missing out, but rather than worry about it too much, spend some time and enjoy it. :)

I'll be posting a "special offer" there in the not-too-distant future... so keep a look out... :)

Cheers, Dien

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