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September 15, 2007, 03:34 PM
jeez 10000 of thosse placemats!

what do have in the program for your COSTS?


My cost is $520 for 10,000.

I believe I can strike a deal with my printer (pretty sure I can...) where I sell him an ad spot for 50% off of all work / printing he does.

So that would be $260 for printing.

But even @ 520 printing, 22 ad spots - 1 spot for "advertise here call Xxx" thats 21 spots @ 295 each.

520 / 21 = about $25 per ad spot.

So anything over $25 is profit... I know they will sell for at least $50-99 each.. but I really think I can get 150-300 for them.

First customer was willing to pay $150 now, and if it works pay $300 for all future prints.....

even at ($150 price - $25 cost) x 21 = $2625 profit.

I now have one delima though.................. Would really like any advice or opinions...

I have a business partner... He will be designing the menus and place mats (thats about $200-300 work if I had to pay the printer to do it)

He says he will sell spots.. but I really dont think he will sell very many... I expect that I will sell probably 18 out of 21 spots if not all 21................

I am talking to the restaurants and getting their contracted agreement to use our placemats / menus..... We are using his paypal acct because I dont have one and can not get one at this time...........

Whats a fair way for us to do this? I dont think its fair that I come up with the idea... sell 90-100% of the spots.... get the agreement with the restaurants and make the contracts and all he does is we use his paypal, website design, and placemat / menu designs... and he get 50% of all profits...?

Any suggestions?

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