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September 17, 2007, 07:45 PM
I have a great product that is used primarily for fundraising by schools, sport teams, church youth groups, etc. It is a restaurant coupon book that features 16 area stores that each make a BYGO free offer good once a month through expiration (09/08). The booklet sell retail for $10. It has about $1,000 worth of savings. This is in Denver, CO.

I put together a book of 16 LoDo/Downtown restaurants that I thought would be a good add-on to our other area books--opening up another income stream for those selling them in the surrounding metro area.

Unfortunately, this idea hasn't caught on with those selling the coupon book in the metro area and now I have a lot of product that I would like to get to the general downtown area.

I am thinking about approaching offices and dropping off a book with the receptionists and giving them a flyer that would make it easy for them to introduce the book to their staff. They could then call by a certain date with an order of the number of books they would like.

I really am struggling to know how to write the copy for the flyer to generate interest. I can show the restaurants and their offers and the value of the offers being available once a month. Used just once or twice, it would pay for itself. However, how to write the copy in a way that moves them to want to purchase the book . . . .?

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thank you,


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