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October 8, 2007, 09:09 AM

To PHIL...a PODCAST???? ME??? Well, why not.

I've been fighting off using the NEW stuff...but hey, I'm not a dummy.

So I've got a WP blog that should open soon...getting some help with setting it up. I'll have my first PODCAST up and running this week.

I've already sent some test video emails...you lucky people you....

Have arranged for a video blog, podcast, and can even do LIVE shows now. So there...I've come into the New Millennium 2.0 style.

I do so only because I need the outlets for the incredible NEW information I'm getting from Harvey Brody and Ben Suarez...mind boggling, synapse stunning, head spinning INFORMATION that is unavailable anywhere else.

HEY, Dien and I have tried to buy things and sign up for stuff from other so-called "Toll Position" experts...to no avail.

So, since these two money making geniuses are ready to share some of their insider secrets...let's all take advantage.

Then, there is a little bit of Gordon tossed in...you need to have the TRIAD I mention in BYBA firmly planted in your mind...


The foundation for profiting from TOLL POSITIONs as taught by Harvey Brody and from REMOTE DIRECT MARKETING as taught by Ben Suarez is to have a grasp of the vocabulary and the terminology of the industries.

So that is where the A to Z starts...at A...

What are TOLL POSITIONS? (We've talked a lot about it)

And for some who have written privately to me, it has been an AH HA thing.

These "enlightened" TOLL POSITION (TP) souls no longer see toothpaste...they NOW see a TP of the highest order...a HUM along TP.

Think if you had control of the manufacturing of the TUBE for the paste? Or held the chemical patent for the paste itself? Or supplied any of the scores of other products NEEDED to make this tooth paste? OR if you controlled some of the distribution?

SEE? It is a whole different way of thinking. CONSUMABLES have made families wealthy for decades upon decades...think Wrigley GUM.

In your house there are hundreds of consumable products...and every single one of them may have as many as a dozen TOLL POSITIONS behind them, from the raw material to the mfgring process, to distribution, to sales....and that is the wonderful power of a TOLL POSITION. Harvey Brody has sold over 60,000,000 units of the Zoom Spout...and that is just ONE of his many, many TP's.

At the other end of things, an almost polar opposite, or so it would appear...is Ben Suarez who sells consumer prouducts...a few consumables, but mostly higher ticket speciality items that he has a TOLL POSITION on.

The FOUNDATION (and it has to be covered, it is not TEASE material) has to be...getting your eyes opened up to the world in a way that they haven't seen things before. So we'll start there....and I'll have my first video up at either my blog, or podcast or somewhere SOON.

Thanks for your time and attention,


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