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Dien Rice
October 10, 2007, 01:51 PM
Personally, I'm a big fan of Ted Nicholas... He's written some great books, and he's a great entrepreneur to learn from...

Anyhow, this is for the Ted Nicholas fans (though everyone else can benefit too!). Someone has just posted 22 new videos - from an interview with Ted Nicholas - on YouTube... Check it out... Here are some of the topics...

How Do You Overcome Your Doubts & Fears?
Is It Important To Believe In Your Dreams?
Who Helped You Become Such A Success?
It Requires Great Courage To Pursue Dreams

Check 'em out by clicking on this link right here (http://youtube.com/results?search_type=search_videos&search_query=ted%20nicholas%20biomans&search_sort=relevance&search_category=0&search=Search&v=&uploaded=&page=1)!

Cheers :)


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