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Dien Rice
October 15, 2007, 09:31 AM
I've been using this software all day... And I've been getting lots done...

On the one hand, it's just simple "To Do" list software. On the other hand, it really ROCKS!

I really like how it's set up... I've tried other "To Do" list software before, but this is now my favorite.

You can categorize your tasks, set priorities, set deadlines, set reminders, and it tells you how many days (or fractions of a day) there are until a task is due...

And, it's FREE!

I don't get anything by mentioning this... The software is called "Easy To-Do". You can download it from http://www.xanadutools.com (click on the "Download" link)...

To get started, you can go through the tutorial here - http://www.xanadutools.com/ET_GetStarted.htm.

You can also read some independent comments about it here - http://www.download.com/Easy-To-Do/3000-2074_4-10554887.html?tag=lst-3-5 (Click on the "Expand Review" tabs to see more...)

Anyway, I hope this helps others "get stuff done" like it's doing for me. :)

Best wishes,


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