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November 8, 2007, 02:57 AM

Thanks for mentioning the Chinese Issue.

There was some Interesting stuff in our Major Daily the other day. It purported to be Facts about the China Stuff as going on down here. Stuff like...

Only 10% of the recalled toys had lead issues. The rest were Design Faults from Mattel.

The formaldehyde in cloths which exceed limits was given the wrong test... not a test to detect formaldehyde but something else, and the reading Mistaken for formaldehyde. The clothes were actually In Limits.

I'm not giving China a pass. After all, lead paint in toys is just not on in any percentage.

I do agree. The China thing does remind me of Japan when they started to emerge as a Producer of Goods. China is likely to follow suit and clean up their act.

Of other interest... according to an article in our Major Daily, China aims to bring on line 500 new coal power electricity plants in the next ten years. That's like one a week. Some Major building going on over there.

Michael Ross

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