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November 12, 2007, 10:47 PM
I've been using Macs for several years, I've used Outlook Express, Mail, and Thunderbird, but I've gone the last few years without an e-mail client at all.

I use Cox for internet, so I just log onto the web mail, create folders to save what I want and delete what I don't. I also have g-mail (didn't weigh in on that other thread because I seldom use it) and an iwon account (mostly for spam - when I have to register somewhere, enter a contest or whatever, I use that one so the mail lists send their crap to that account).

I love not having to download everything to an email client. Just save it all on the web. Sure, if my provider loses them I'm out of luck, but with my track record, it's less likely to get lost than if I'd saved it to my machine into any e-mail program.

Just my 2.


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