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November 14, 2007, 07:27 AM
Back in 1989 I had a very merry Christmas thanks to taking "SantaPaws Pictures" (http://ezinearticles.com/?How-To-Earn-More-In-A-Month-Taking-Unique-Santa-Photos-Than-Most-People-Make-In-A-Year&id=376163)
Had a Santa wearing furry paw gloves with a big Saint Bernard's head on top of his.

Today I do Santa Paws Portraits (http://ezinearticles.com/?How-To-Earn-More-In-A-Month-Taking-Unique-Santa-Photos-Than-Most-People-Make-In-A-Year&id=376163) a little differently. In addition to taking 3 to 4 photos of the pet with Santa I also take another 3 - 4 shots of an additional 6 or 7 poses. A Birthday Party Pose, a Summer Time Beach Pose, a Cute Bath Time Rubber Duck Pose, a Bad to the Bone Biker Type Pose, a Colorful Fall Shot with a farm basket and artificial leafs or maybe a picnic basket or tea party pose and one of the animal itself without using any props except maybe in front of a solid color background depending on the pet and color of it's fur, feathers or skin and the location I'm working.

I'll end up with around 24 good images, burn them into a slide show onto a CD with music plus Jpegs of all the photos and offer the CD for $120 or CD with one hour prints for $160 and better than 9 out of 10 owners will purchase one or the other. If all they want is a few prints they are $15 for each 4x6. But after watching the CD play on my Lap Top most want it. It's just a question of if they have enough money on them. If not - no problem. They fork over their bank account details, I have an online direct debit service provider that I plug their details into and they can take everything home with them and pay it off as little as $5 a week if they want. Most people will make all the payments and it spreads my income out so even if I go off on a holiday for a month I still have money flowing into my account each week. Sweet!

Sure beats selling 8x10's for $20 each and its not unusual to do 25+ Pets a Day on busy weekends! $5000 for a weekend is not to bad for a part time gig!!!

This year I have several people around Australia doing pet portraits thanks to the free publicity I've received from the articles I wrote for a couple of Australian Income Opportunity magazines ( Below are the front covers of the last two issues - Guess who took the picture of the Cat on the cover (http://www.PetStarContest.com))

Pet portraits can be a year round business. If anyone is interested in learning a simple way to get dozens of pet sessions each week check out my SOWPUB HARVEST. I just set up an instant download link for delivery but its over 80mb so if you're still on dial-up it could take a while for you to download it.


Steve Shulenski

http://i142.photobucket.com/albums/r85/PetPhotoBiz/Cat-Cover.jpg http://i142.photobucket.com/albums/r85/PetPhotoBiz/PetPhotoArticle.jpg

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