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November 14, 2007, 10:07 PM
Just sharing a few more Quick links on some Expert information worth reviewing and Brainstorming on...


Rich Shefren recently created a mindmap of what he calls the Attention Age Doctrine, which shows why people are willing to pay larger premiums for great advice and nothing for decent advice... :)

Download a Free copy & print it...

If you have any interest in the Blog or Media world or Not... ;)

Excellent info that might Lead you into some other areas of Business and Ideas...

All the Video's offer Great information... But Matt's talk on Filtering content, micro blogging... & Steven's media ideas can be easily Turned into other ideas & services...

You've probably heard Lots lately about posting comments on Blogs...

If your Comments are Smartly posted on the right industry Blogs... You'll be Surprised at what you can Sell & how much Attention! you can Get without actually ever having a Blog... ;)



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