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May 17, 2008, 05:10 PM

Thanks for revealing that Nothing is really new after all.

Years ago, back when the TV show The Site with Solidad O'Brien was still going, they revealed that the Internet was becoming so big They had to launch Internet 2.

We've been informed of 1st Generation, 2nd Generation and 3rd Generation websites. Indicating an Upgrading of possibilities. From Basic HTML sites that looked like a long letter (1st Gen - e.g. Jim Straw's website www.businesslyceum.com) to websites with headers and side menues (2nd Gen e.g. Hotsheetcity www.hotsheetcity.com) to websites with PHP Menues out the wazoo and surfer interaction (3rd Gen e.g. Amazon www.amazon.com ebaY www.ebay.com Motely Fools www.fool.com IBM www.ibm.com Microsoft www.microsoft.com and so on)

And through it all there has always been Ways for people to interact with the website and with each other. There has always been video/audio download. Remember Mike Enlow's video rant many moons ago about there being more people selling info on how to make money on the internet than people actually making money on the internet? But now this type of thing has a new buzz word - Web 2. Which defies clear definition and means just about whatever you want it to mean - unlike words we instantly know like Car, truck, TV etc.

Yonks ago the Offline guys were telling us... write a report, run lead generation ads, send a sales letter.

This turned into the 4 Step Online Cash Machine...
1: Write a report
2: Create a sales letter webpage that sells it.
3: Plug in an order/payment service - paypal, clickbank
4: Runs ads in ezines advertising the website.

Ages ago we heard... take a report, create an audio around it (even of just you reading the report - or do an audio and then add a transcript of the audio). Now you have a more valuable package. Add a video of related stuff and it's even better.

John Reese says the same thing in essence... offers it on CD... and people are blown away.

The Templar Knights used to offer Pilgrims clay tablets. The Pilgrim would make the journey to the Holy Lands and each Hotel Stay would be written onto the tablet by the inn keeper. The Knights would reimburse the inn keeper. And when the Pilgrim came back, they would pay the Knights what was on the tablet plus an additional amount. Today, we call these things Credit Cards.

Yes, Sandi. There isn't anything new. Not really. BUT, not everyone has lived through those past moments. Not everyone knows of those old Gurus revealing those old techniques. And when they see Johnny Come Lately Self Proclaimed Guru talk about stuff, that stuff is New, To Them.

Michael Ross

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