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August 28, 2009, 02:40 PM

Thanks for visiting.

Something WEIRD just happened which has prompted me to GIVE AWAY a BEST SELLING 24.00 E-book of mine - right here - right now.

WHY am I giving it away?

3 Reasons:

Reason #1 - The exercises in the book let you write TWICE as fast by bypassing your WRITERS BLOCK. You tap into the POWER of your UNconscious mind. All of us entrepreneurs on Sowpub can use that Power.

Reason #2 - I thought it'd be a Hoot to send a bunch of NON Buying prospects to the THIEF (to the crook's website anyway) who is currently stealing my sales letter AND my e-book.

Reason #3 - I'm about to give away a NEW book which uses an idea from THIS book. So consider this a Bonus Reward.

Here's the WEIRD Part:

The Thief has borrowed everything - word for word.

1st - READ my sales letter on his site.

THEN come back here and download the link to the FREE E-book instead of paying him 8 bucks.

To HIS site? (Although I'm backstopping his link with mine.)


IF he is lining up affiliates the book must be pretty HOT STUFF.

A client in Australia found this clown -reselling my stuff. He's using MY EXACT Sales letter - Paypal AND Clickbank links. AND is accepting affiliates.

The Links to Mr Thief sent to me by a client:

Hi Glenn,

The sales page for How to Write Like a Maniac is:


The URL I back-tracked to, and found the sales page for your Greased Pig is:


The Link to the original Offer on my Home Archive and F-r-e-e Ezine Page:



I - I've added my own web link to my own website. In case the embarrassment of being caught stealing brings this guy's site down.

II - The Testimonials in the letter - PROVE that Several of my clients and readers got jobs, got promotions and boosted their incomes simply because they got more work done faster and better than their peers.

III - I'd LUV to hear how the ideas benefit you. Email me: rentamentor@mac.com

Glenn Osborn

Link to the Free E-book:

************************************************** ***
Greased Pig Speed Writing System
************************************************** ***

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