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October 15, 2009, 02:27 PM

Thanks for putting up a place to post Out-side-the-Box ideas.

Proven and tested but DIFFERENT.

I just had something serendipitous happen and wanted to Share. (I looked it up to be sure of the meaning - Serendipitous means - "lucky in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries")

LUCKY BREAK #1 - A year of so back - I came across a Dentist who has helped tens of thousands of patients over 20 years Get Perfect Teeth and Gums for Life.

How do I know what he discovered WORKS?

Proof #1 - The Dental Association he belongs to Kicked him out and SUED him for lots of nonsensical stuff - trying to bleed him dry.

Proof #2 - I started testing his ideas Personally. Haven't been to a Dentist in 2 years to do the drill and fill Game. Because my teeth and gums are 100%. Even though I had some cavities - I'm sure of - when I started testing on my own teeth.

PROOF #3 - Is where the Serendipity comes into play...

While researching and writing up a Special Report to sell. "How to Fight Tooth and Gum Pain & Win"

I came across A video presentation from Scientist Bonnie Bassler. Her research has been trashed and ignored by the whole world.

WHICH IS a SIGN You are Onto Something BIG... (When Your Discovery Works Great but you are ignored. Keep going!)

She has been studying Bacteria at the only place that would hire her (Princeton) most of her life. SUDDENLY She is bringing in Billions of dollars to her research division.


Her study of one little guy Bacteria that Lights up in the ocean - ONLY when he has a certain # of Fellow Bacteria near himself has revealed a SHOCKER.

I - Bacteria TALK to each other via chemical tags. But only create a "GROUP MIND" That Tries to Kill You When Their Numbers Get Big Enough.)

II - Swine Flu, Bird Flu, H1N1 - You name it - not only talk to each other but to DIFFERENT kinds of bacteria. ANY kind.

III - Here's the "Lucky Find" part...

Bonnie has discovered WHY The BANNED Dentists' Methods work so well. Why my Teeth are healing. Why my cavities don't hurt anymore. Why the PAIN went Bye Bye - Gone.

It turns out that the 600 different Bacteria (Bonnie says) live on the surface of our teeth - can't Hurt your teeth and gums until they get Numerous enough - that their chemical communications let them EXPLODE and try to kill us.

Overwhelm our natural defenses in the mouth. And destroy your teeth or gums. (Or kill your entire body in the case of Bird Flu.)

NOW I understand WHY the Blacklisted Dentists' methods work so well. His simple - Easy to do daily brushing tactics - Keep the population of Bacterial SO LOW - their aren't enough of them to EXPLODE into the virulent stage.

Toothpaste and flossing
and all the traditional methods DO NOT WORK - to keep the germs in your mouth under control.

"WOWSERS" - as Inspector Gadget might say.

I got excited. Decided to share.

(I Got Goose Bumps Watching Bonnie's Talks)

ACTION PLAN - Just Suppose You WAnt to MORE Information?

You may wanna' Watch Bonnie's Lecture at TED-Talks - here -



Her explanation of the 600 Differnt Kinds of Bacteria on your teeth - Here -



Take Action and Combine The Discoveries by these TWO Fellow Entrepreneurs - To Work towards Healthy Teeth and Gums for yourself, your family & friends -

Get My "How to Fight Dental Pain for Life" Special Report - here -



P.S. - You DO SEE How we spot New Munny Making ideas, right? You look for smart entrepreneurs using the Mastermind Effect to PROVE something Totally NEW and radical works.

A Paradigm shift.

Often these folks will have to FIGHT their Entire Profession, Association or Industry. (Nicola Tesla invented 100% of our A/C current machinery and theory. You Couldn't READ THIS without his efforts. But he wanted to provide FREE Electricity to all and his investors bailed.)

This is a Guaranteed way to find LIFE CHANGING, Munny making or saving Strategies.

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