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Dien Rice
December 24, 2009, 06:22 PM
I just saw this article about an unusual Christmas business...

Not only is it unusual - apparently they sell $100,000 worth of products in the 4 months leading up to Christmas!

It's a website selling essentially... Christmas movie memorabilia!

Most of their stuff is from the 1983 movie "A Christmas Story" (in particular, fishnet-stocking covered leg lamps which are in the movie)... But I also saw other stuff there like a book about "Festivus" (George's father's alternative to Christmas celebration, from "Seinfeld"), a Charlie Brown Christmas board game, and figurines from "The Year Without Santa Claus".

You can read an article about them here... http://www.retrofestive.ca/his-niche-is-christmas-kitsch/

He's successful online, he says, because he has a niche... Here's a quote from the guy who runs the website (Tyler Schwartz), from the article...

`"On the Internet these days it's hard to be a startup company unless you find a successful niche," he says. "I can't say I'm the Wal-mart of the Internet because there is one already. I need to find a specialty product. I know of a guy who sells ties and that's his niche and he does a really good job with that. The power of niche marketing is why I've gotten the attention I have. That's why I go from zero to 60 with this." '

The website is at http://www.redriderleglamps.ca (now changed to http://www.retrofestive.ca/ )

Hope you find it inspirational! To share your "strange business finds" is a good thing... :)

Best wishes (and have a happy holiday season)!


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