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Dien Rice
January 20, 2010, 08:05 AM
Hi Dien,

Thanks for maintaining Sowpub.

We're seeing a lot of drive through posts and 1-2 line junk posts from people looking for link backs.

These things really need to be added:

* No signature for people with less than 3 posts.
* No ability to add links for people with less than 5 posts.

I know vbulletin has plugins for such features. And would probably take less than 20 minutes to add them.

Also - on other forums I've been a member of - one thing really helps in making sure the quality of conversation goes up. That is: making sure people use their full name and a photo. No random sounding usernames. But I know a lot of folks here like to be anonymous - so thats your call if you want to do such a thing...

Also - the archives... I know you're busy - but maybe we could hire a freelancer from odesk.com and anyone who wants to - can pitch in in paying him?

(Dien, The only reason I'm making this public is to build some external peer pressure for you :p)
Hi Ankesh,

I really appreciate your suggestions!

I'll definitely check into your vBulletin plug-in suggestions - they make a lot of sense, and you're right, it would get rid of the problems of a lot of "drive by" spam...

I also agree that we gotta get the rest of those archives up! I (or we) gotta get working on that...

I'm taking your suggestions on board, and will see what I can do...!

Thanks Ankesh - your suggestions are always welcome, and I value them highly! :)

Best wishes,


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