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February 4, 2010, 07:44 AM
Hi Ankesh,

Thanks for the link.

I have to laugh when people talk about APPLE as being visionary. Steve is making stuff HE wants to play with.


They are actually being VERY CONSERVATIVE this time with the iPad.

Small companies Have to be.

Here's why Steve has a winner in the iPad. (As long as his factory suppliers in China can produce hi quality products and quickly.)

The Apps Store

Internet Search



Reading books on the Kindle

Photos and movies

ALL of these are billion dollar niches. Existing streams of MOOLAH.

Steve and Apple are giving EXISTING BUYERS - MORE POWER, More touch screen, More Screen Size, More Storage space - to do more of what they ALREADY have proven they want to spend munny on.

It's the safest Bet Apple has made
since Steve turned them around.

NOT to say a competitor couldn't EAT their lunch somehow. OR some other accident happen.

But as far as hedging their bets.

It went Amazingly well.

DID you see the billions and billions of F-r-e-e Coverage Steve's iPad speech got on all the news channels?

I think Apple has finally hit a nerve.

Passed the tipping point.

This is going to be a JUGGERNAUT product for them.

Just my opinion.

But I did give a few reasons why I think this will be BIGGER than anything Apple has done yet...


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