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April 5, 2010, 07:53 PM

Thanks for the networking.

Thought I'd share this 30% Response sales letter.

My client is a doctor and a consultant. He mailed out 10 letters to local business owners. 3 Called and paid him 3 grand each.

30% response.

And his letter?

3 or 4 sentences!

I thought it unusual enough to share here with the group.

Glenn Osborn


After reading your Ugly Copywriting BOOK, I wrote the following direct mail. I sent it to only 10 people and got 3 clients.


I help people spend half the time, making four times the money; and my fee is $3000.00.

I am limiting this offer to the first 3 people who call, because I want to protect the system.

That means that you know that it's very important to call me now for an appointment.

Call Dr. Kay Weaver(Ed.D., Ph.D.)


EDITOR'S NOTE - Many think long copy beats short copy ALL the time. Maybe not.

More info...


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