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April 28, 2010, 12:51 PM
Phil, you're utterly amazing!

I love that "Amazing Cool tool..."

I spent just a few minutes in there, and my
head is ready to explode from all the great ideas.

Take this one for example:
Click on "Money" over to the right and choose:
Fiverr - "Five dollar marketplace."

Here's a recent post from Fiverr:
"I will send out Ad to my 13,000+ Followers about
Your Business for $5."

Being able to reach 13,000 targeted prospects
for five bucks! Are you kidding me!

I also found this one:
"WhatsYourPlace - Virtual Land Ownership"

Here's a challenge. How can an Internet Marketer
use this wonderfully original Virtual Land Ownership
site to make money.

Here it is:

Do some brainstorming and post your results here.

Thanks Phil, for another great post.

God loves you.
Unk Brent.

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