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April 27, 2010, 12:24 PM
The archives have some amazing info. I was browsing them and my flash drives, Dien's Book and comparing the OLD world (circa 2000) ways of doing things.

So, it made me somewhat nostalgia for the good old days when we actually talked about business and making money here...so in that spirit, I want to say>

Not much has changed, really. Not much at all.

There are ways to make money...Chatteling springs to mind. And
There are ways to start and build a business...like Remote Direct Marketing.

Having a little knowledge and experience in both, I'll kick this thing off.

You most likely need to either have a product or a service OR have skills, abilities or knowledge of a specific process...like Stock Investing.

Staying with the basics first; a product or a service.

You need to have a way to let the marketplace KNOW about your product or service. So let's examine some of the ways you can do this.

First off, the PIGGY BACK technique. OLD, ancient ways of doing things. But it works. Some examples?

I was a driving instructor for the Sears EZ Method driving schools back in the day. This was a "LEASED" dept in a Sears store, like the Tax guy or glasses gal or dentists are.

Sears didn't CREATE, they ACQUIRED businesses they could plug into their business and have more profit centers. See?

This was and is a way for a young company to have huge distribution without making substantial investment in bldgs, etc.

MANY of us remember the Amazon start-up LOSE money model and shook our heads thinking, "how will these guys ever make any money?"

AH, silly us.

Back in the day, INFORMATION or as we called in WAYYY back, paper and ink, was a staple of the mailorder, direct marketing business...and Popular Science was filled full of eensy teensy classifed ads in the back that made a select few fortunes.

Today, INFORMATION, in all kinds of shapes and forms; video, audio, ebooks, has become one of the staples of Internet Marketing.

Want to know what the biggest mistake people make about biz/money-making ventures is?

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