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View Full Version : Applied Advice From a Mentor Who Worked w/Napoleon Hill 3 Yrs

May 6, 2010, 07:04 PM

Thanks to Ben (The mentor who hired Napoleon Hill to help him built his
company) I had some success with a sale - recently.

OFF-LINE - I do consulting and Teach/Coach Salesmanship

ON-LINE - I Play with Niche Products and Experiment
with off the wall ideas.


I sent Ben a Thank You Reward. Ben said The info was too confusing.
He also Said - Napoleon Hill had taught him a 3 word secret.

And I should re-write it.



I shortened and simplified the sales letter...
About a 2000 yr old Exercise And my ADD-ON-Ideas

a - Testimonials
b - How I Created The Extra Energy Product
c - Table of Contents

Put it on Ebay to test the letter. (IT sold for 49.00)

I added more Testimonials
each time the item sold.

***Janet - stopped drinking Coffee
she felt so much Extra Energy

***Bob - stopped taking naps at 3 pm

***Judy quit drinking coke or candy
bars during the day for quick energy.

More EXTRA ENERGY Testimonials - and
a 365 day 100% money back Guarantee. And I Stuck it back up.

The auction sold again for 50.00
So I re-listed it as BUY IT NOW - using more Testimonials
as they came in.

***Allen had a Weird Dream about a little
girl from 3rd grade chasing him with scissors.

***Janet Jumped out of bed at 4 am
without an alarm clock

Bubba Reported Women crowding
around him as he dropped his kids
off at school. (Never happened before.)

It Sold Again...

And the Buyer emailed me THIS Testimonial... We Seem to Be Headed in an
UNUSUAL Direction with this Ancient Asian Energy stuff.


P.S. - Anybody here want EXTRA Energy in 3 minutes a day - contact me.
I'll send you PHASE I - of the VIDEO BOOK.

Cat Magnet TESTIMONIAL - (I asked questions. The cats only do this when he reaches Exercise #2. IF he stands still they go away.)

Hey Glenn,


Quick note. I have a hard time completing the exercises. Not because of
my ability to do the exercises.

Each time I start doing the exercises my two cats come running. It seems
they want to brush up next to me. Is this normal? This is not what kind of
attraction that I'm looking for.

Let me know if anyone else is attracting animals as they are performing the
5 exercises.



Dunno If I Should Add the CAT MAGNET Testimonial
to the next Auction or Not!

"Notorious Dream Energy Video Book"




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