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June 23, 2010, 05:27 AM
So I am reading "Lincoln the Unknown" by Dale Carnegie (an excellent excellent book if you can get your hands on it.)

One anecdote from the book is this: Mary Todd used to say to everyone that she is going to marry someone who would become the president of USA. This was before she met Stephen Douglas and Abraham Lincoln (both went out with her and in the future became presidential candidates). Everyone laughed at her - but she was confident that she will one day live at the white house.

Even after she married Abe Lincoln - Lincoln kept on failing at various elections. But still, she was confident that one day he would win the presidency.

Was this premonition? (It can also be argued that it was Mary who drove Abe Lincoln to become the president. So a 2nd anecdote from the book...)

2nd anecdote: one day Lincoln sees his reflection in a mirror. But the reflection is in such a way that he sees he has 2 faces. And 1 of the face is a bit ragged.

On hearing of this - Mary Todd Lincoln says that this means Lincoln will become president twice - but won't live through his 2nd term.

So what do you think of these anecdotes?
Do you believe in premonition?
Or do you think its all hocus pocus?

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