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August 13, 2010, 09:00 AM
Short and sweet. Five people. Your poker club, bowling team, softball team, even your co-workers. Each chip in 200 bux. The "game" you all play is to see how few moves (transactions) you can make to get your money back plus $1,000.00 each in profits.

The club starts with 1 thou, and the objective is to work it up to 6 thou, after all expenses. As written in the Sprint to Freedom, at that level, you could expect about 20% profit per transaction.

So, the math:

1000 FIRST transaction=200 profit 1200
1200 2nd = 240 p 1440
1440 3rd = 288 1728
1728 4th = 345 2073
2073 5th = 414 2487
2487 6th = 497 2984
2984 7th = 596 3580
3580 8th = 716 4296
4296 9th = 859 5155
5155 10th = 1031 6186 the MAGIC number
6186 11th = 1237 7423

So, in chattel world it is possible to turn the 200 dollars into 200 plus an additional 1000 profit in 10 "moves". OR less than one transaction a month.

That same 200 dollars put into a bank acount, maybe will be worth 215.00 at the end of a year.

Also, we see from this 20% chart, it answers the question, what IF I want to start at a higher level, it means that you will roughly have to have about 5k in circulation to produce the 1k profit.

Do a quick search of YOUR craigslist and go through as many catagories as you want with 5k in the minimum search box, you'll be amazed at what is out there.


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