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August 16, 2010, 11:25 AM
My unique chatteling system, the buying and selling of personal property for a profit, has to do with dollars and not things.

This is a hard concept for people to swallow. Although, it is the BEST way to do this.

BUT, almost every person wants to know WHAT to buy and sell.

And I rarely have any advice, but, buy whatever you can make a profit on.

Today, I'm going to tell you some HOT items.

ONE: Juicers. You'll find these things used once, or still in the box, someone made an impulse buy from a TV infomercial and you'll find Jack LaLanne, Vitamix, Samson, Champion all being sold on eBay.

Do a COMPLETED LISTINGs search, and put 90-250 dollars as your search parameters (advanced search) and SEE for yourself what is being bought and sold every day.

Then, you can use a FREE piece of software, like craigspal for example, (at craigspal.com) to search your area for "Juicers" or by Brand Name.

It is not uncommon to find them for 50 to 80 dollars and depending on brand and quality, you might make a quick 30 to 50 dollars on this.

This is the LOW end of chatteling. I have a minimum of 30 dollars profit if it is within 10 minutes of me, that is, if I have to drive 10 minutes to buy something, I expect to make at least 30 dollars profit.

Along with JUICERS in this low end category are:

Air Purifiers. Rotisserie Ovens, NuWave Ovens. Some Vacuum Cleaners. Water Purifiers. Mixers. Blenders.

All of these are small appliances that fit in the back seat. Thanks to the infomercials, you get to find these things often unused and FLIP them to a ready to buy market.

Other HOT items are GPS, and iPhones/iAnything, but I shy away from them, because I don't know enough about them. And I think there is a big black market or at the least a big fake market out there.

I like to see the "appliance" work, or be in the unopened box (make sure you open it to see it is what it is supposed to be).

Bird cages and aquariums are HOT in the next step up, the 120-250 dollar range. Do a few searches at your local craigslist, using dollars as parameters, and see what you have. Then compare what is being offered to what has been SOLD (eBay completed listings) and perhaps you will start to get the concept of STORED VALUE.

There are a lot of BOATS in my area which are available for 750-1200 dollars and these sell quickly. There is about 250 profit in one of these small boats, and if you have a list of BUYERS, then you can easily flip it. Where to find the list? OH, that's reserved for buyers of our new report. http://doomgloombliss.com/jaysalestest.html

Now you know what to look for.

Gordon Jay Alexander

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