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View Full Version : Back to work tomorrow. Make 2011 your best year yet.

January 2, 2011, 12:56 PM
For me, and millions of others, tomorrow is back to work time.

I'm excited. Lots of great projects coming about, I already mentioned the "vending" opportunity (if interested, send me an email with VENDING in the subject header).

I have people in my group who are doing Internet Marketing, with blogs and such...

Others are selling advertising (a tested and proven money maker)...

Still others are creating software and information products and will establish themselves as experts in their field.

We already know the GRIDLOCK which will paralyze the Federal Government for the next two years and we'll see how they handle the coming FALLING DOMINOES of municipalities across the country.

Yesterday, 10,000 Americans turned 65. Today, another 10,000 and every day for the next decade...10,000 people a day will become eligible for Social Security Benefits and some say, it is the beginning of the end for Social Security.

More and more "boomers" are looking for both supplemental income and job replacement income as well as NEW places to live. Retirement isn't what it used to be.

It's a great time to be a "chatteler", or to be offering solutions to the Boomers who are looking for ways to keep the good life going...so it is also a good time to develop products and find solutions to their needs.

Education and RE training will remain hot fields.

As will low cost and home based franchises/distributorships/licensees will explode as the "pig in the python" (baby boomers) are hitting the retirement age without the means to retire. BIG MARKET HERE FOLKS.

Keep an eye open for opportunity or create your own opportunity.

We've seen the Internet become an advertising driven medium, it's ALL about getting eyeballs on solicitations and the booming MOBILE market will see more and more of this.

I'm optimistic as an individual but I'm still doom and gloom for the world/American economy.

Which means there is a ton of opportunity to cash in on the fear, paranoia and distrust the politicians have given us and continue to dish out on a daily basis.

Sine my Coaching/Caddy program was born, I'm seeing some incredible ideas followed up with massive action and detailed step by step activity which will take a few to unbelievable goals...believable as they DO IT.

I am now of the opinion that too many people never get around too IT, and continue to flounder in old habits, old haunts and old histories...

Yet, it takes an effort, it takes work to get off the ground and keep your project afloat. It is amazing to see what can happen in ONE year of focused activity and dedicated to a goal daily activities.

2011 is going to be a great year for us here at SowPub as both Dien and I both are going to be introducing some new/old products and revitalizing the forum.

We look forward to your success and participation, MAKE 2011 your year. You can do with dedicated effort toward your goal in an organized and well thought out manner. It's not a secret, but it has withstood the test of time:

Identify what you want.
The steps you have to take to get it.
A doable Plan of Action.
Adjust and continue.
Realize your goal.

NOT rocket science, brain surgery or mental acupuncture...but a PLAN which has worked for centuries.

Enjoy this day, and tomorrow, GET BACK TO WORK, and enjoy the journey toward your greatest success yet in 2011.

Gordon Jay Alexander

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