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October 30, 2011, 03:55 PM
And I just don't have the time or energy to correct it, sorry.

I deleted a post at the Original Poster's request. However, I spent time answering the post as it referred to a book, Super Biz by Ben Suarez.

So, here is a little history lesson for the newer members:

OK, here is today's history lesson. Then, this afternoon, look for a post called Somewhere East of ElPaso.

SuperBiz (SB) was about the third or fourth How to Start a Business book which Ben did, they kept evolving and SB evolved into 7 Steps to Freedom and then 7 Steps to Freedom II.

I believe SB was given to a few visitors whom I hosted many years ago, perhaps Duane Adolph can confirm, I can't remember...not even breakfast which I just got through eating, HA!

The Sales Generation System evolved into the NPGS, Net Profit Generator System.

This has four parts to it:


You analyze each part and look for a 10 in each one. If you have 10 in each of the four parts, you've got a good shot at having a winner. Each part is equal, despite what some of the Internet Marketing Copywriters will tell you of THEIR importance in your success.

OK. I did an update in 2008of 7 Steps to Freedom II, it was a pdf version with mostly Internet related application of the NPGS. It never was sold because at that time the IT department was in flux, and they couldn't figure out how to sell a digital product with their batch processing methodology.

I found this ironic because in the books Ben talks about how a small entrepreneur can beat a giant corporation by being able to get things done quickly without the use of committees, discussions, approvals, etc. His company is,in my opinion, the very corporation he described in the books as one a small potatoes, lone ranger type of Entrepreneur could beat day inand day out. Anyhow,

Back in 97, when I did an edit of 7 Steps to Freedom II, he was discussing the digital product, which they have never been able to create or sell. At the time I was the featured writer on the NPGS UPDATE HOTLINE www.angelfire.com/biz/gjbiz/npgs.html (http://www.angelfire.com/biz/gjbiz/npgs.html) and this one I've linked to was the most popular of the newsletters. It was 20 years of Biz-Ops.

Well, around about that time, one of our subscribers was a guy named Marlon Sanders, perhaps you've heard of him? And he wrote about his gang testing method he was using on AOL, CompuServe and the other pioneer Internet places. If you've read Marlon's AMAZING FORMULA, you might recognize the NPGS influence.

Anyhow, shortly after receiving Marlon's letter and publishing it in the NPGS UPDATEHOTLINE, I started my own Internet activity and the first week online I sold a few products, The Remote Direct Marketing Home Study Course and made my first $1,000.00 in the first week. And thought, good golly Molly, this stuff works. It didn't come quite as easy after that, but, I was sold on Internet as the MEDIA in which to sell my digital products, and I believe, before I sold them all, that I had some where in the neighborhood of 25+ digital products.

Now let me back up and tell you the story, AGAIN, for those that may be new to SowPub.

I attended a seminar at Walsh College put on by Ben and at the end of the seminar, he offered me a job from the stage.

If you come across any copies of The Professional Remote Direct Marketing Home Study Course,you'll see me doing the introduction and Ben at the end, offering mea job, which I, at first, turned down.

Once I did accept his offer,then I got a world class education in Direct Response Marketing. Oneof my assignments as a writer for the newsletter was to review product submissions and also to daily go into a room known as Seed World, where over a 100 million dollars worth of promotions reside. These promotions included everything Ben had ever done, or one of hiscompanies as well as ANYONE who was promoting via Direct Response. This was the basis for my 20 years of Biz-Op newsletters.

Now I should mention I was somewhat known in the Biz-Op field prior to working for Ben, I got my initial when I met Joe Karbo at his "office" at Sunset Beach back in 1975. He gave me contacts in Akron, OH which I took advantage of, and through these guys met Gary Halbert at about the time he was mentoring Ben Suarez.

But back to Super Biz. I like this edition the best, because it leaves out the minute detail of 7 Steps, which is, literally, a college class textbook, and we know how boring those can be. It is one of the best realistic books on starting a business and managing it once it becomes successful,but, I've found for us small-potato, fly-low and collect-the-dough types, Super Biz has all the relevant information you need.

Super Biz came out around the same time as Harvey Brody's course, which was one of the more expensive courses on the market at the time. I've written extensively about how Gary Halbert, Ben Suarez, Jay Abraham, Joe Karbo, Joe Sugarman, et al, etc. attended or studied the Harvey Brody material.

OK and alrighty then. History lesson over.

IF you can wrap your head around the NPGS four parts,


and create and/or acquire aproduct that is a 10 for a prospect with a high passion index who wants/needs the product and you write a good PROMOTION and get infront of said prospect at the right time in the right place with the right offer you've got a good shot at achieving the FREEDOM written about in these books.

Next up...enough with the history...what's happening TODAY. Be sure to read the post,Somewhere East of El Paso.

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