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November 2, 2011, 11:55 AM
Hi Martin,

I thought the same thing and did some research on this man. It's the real deal.


I would have never thought a kid would pay someone each day to keep their cell phone for them. This man has it down to a science and makes sure he's doing everything he can to keep it safe and organized. It's ideas like this that astonish me. I'm wondering that if they are caught in school with a phone that perhaps they may need to pay to get it back? I'm not sure.

It does help that he's in New York (Bronx). I would still think that this idea would work successfully even in smaller cities/towns. Even at a smaller return, I bet it would still be very successful. I'm surprised he doesn't franchise, but maybe he doesn't what the hassle of doing all of that.

Great research Dien.

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