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May 30, 2012, 05:52 AM

One of my clients is a retired CIA Agent with mad computer skills.

About 5 years ago - Randy called me.

He'd located Steve Jobs Girlfriend from Reed College.

Randy spent hours with her. (I Asked questions too.)

She was still good friends and kept in touch with Steve.

AND she mentioned a guy named Robert
who was an older college student - mentor to Steve.

Debbie said Steve's Personality changed after meeting Robert.


I'm reading the book and Isaacson interviews OTHER college students
who said Steve got LOUDER and more outgoing after meeting Robert Friedland.

Friedland was on Work-Release from PRISON.

HE "Talked" the judge, the
cops, the Feds, the FBI into letting him go to
college - Instead of locking him in prison AFTER he was arrested with
125,000.00 of LSD in his pockets!


Anybody know of other BILLIONAIRES dropping LSD?

Friedland made billions by talking his way into GOLDMINING.

Jobs did it with APPLE.

Glenn Osborn

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