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View Full Version : From Torn Pants to Tidy Profits!

Dien Rice
March 8, 2014, 07:07 AM
Normally, torn pants are a really bad thing. Especially when they get torn "from belly button to behind" - as they did with one female cop when she was apprehending a suspect!

In this case... it turned into a business!

Female police officers apparently had to wear pants designed for men. Of course, women's proportions are different from those of men - so the fit was not right, the mid-part hung too low, and the gun holster (which is hung on the belt) was too high.

One female cop did something about it - and helped to create uniform pants designed specifically for women police officers...

It shows - there are still good, new businesses ideas out there. Sometimes, they could be in front of you, in the area you know best...

This is the "classic" case of seeing a problem - and solving it, then turning the solution into a profitable business...

Here's the video on this story, with more details...

Lady officer turns torn pants into niche business

Best wishes!


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