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March 16, 2014, 09:43 AM
So long story short, I was left around 7,000 for my 18 birthday. It was left because of the loss of my dad, and I really want to do something with it that would make him and my family proud. I also don't want to just spend it and have nothing to show for it.

So I want to invest or possibly start up my own business. I know how hard and costly it is and realistically 7,000 could disappear quickly. So obviously I'm looking for a small business idea or investment idea.

OK... you asked for it.....

First listen to this short audio. (http://www.divshare.com/download/24899317-a62)

Save most of your money and instead do what Dien and others here have done and will advise you to do... learn how to sell... and build a list... I'm one of the least likely of people to succeed in selling but I make my share of sales by continuously contacting people and exposing them to an Irresistible Offer.

Once you have an offer that converts well it then comes down to numbers of contacts and exposures you make and developing a relationship with the people in your database.

Get a direct sales job and start a small side business. I started back in the late 70's canvassing door to door, setting appointments for the closers working for ESP (Energy Saving Products) of Orlando.

Now I'm about to bore you with my history, not to brag as I'm far from being truly successful but to impress on you how important selling is and if I can sell... so can you... in fact... you have to sell or trade everyday in anything you do.

You can sell or trade your time... or leverage other peoples time, talent, skills and resources.

In the mid 80's I started shooting and selling portraits.

In 1990 I paid Don Alm (who has posted on this forum many times) $500 for his Ads on Video Cases Business Opportunity and over the years I have purchased several more of his business schemes, including reprint rights to "The Midas Report" (http://risingincome.com/enchantedincome.com/oto.html)... made money with all of them.

In the early 90's I made a lot of money at flea markets on weekends... first selling scissors and gadgets but really made out when I started selling and applying temporary tattoos... many a $500+ day working flea-markets.

In the mid 90's I had many a $1000+ profit day from going door to door showing, selling and installing the signs from http://www.addressamerica.biz/

First I went after the low hanging fruit by simply putting out flyers that did most of the selling for me... then in the early 2000's I started shooting and selling Pet Portraits... sometimes doing over $5,000 in a single weekend...

Around that same time I joined this forum and another member (Lawrence who like your Dad, is sadly no longer with us) taught me how to ramp up the Address America business. With just flyers alone I would get anywhere from a 1 or 2% response rate up to 10% in a particular area.

Lawrence showed me how to work an area and get up to an 80% response rate by abandoning the easy flyer method of prospecting for customers by walking door to door with a sample sign in my hand and from my lips... a 30 second sales pitch / Irresistible Offer. Don't be afraid to promote the value you have to offer others... otherwise how will they ever know? Hopefully by others recommending you! Early to bed, early to rise, eat right, exercise, and advertise what you can do or offer others... don't just look for customers... convert your clients into friends and raving fans by really caring for them.

In the spring of 2003 Lawrence told me about Rebecca Fine's forum at: http://www.scienceofgettingrich.net/

The first person to comment on my first post on that form became my wife later that year. She was from Australia and I lived in the States. After the wedding I continued to work for myself with Address America and Pet Photography.

Made a lot of sales on eBay selling an ebook I wrote on Pet Photography... then progressed to selling affiliate products online and now with my own digital products (Digital Backgrounds for Photographers)...

Then I moved to Australia in 2004... it took 6 months before I got permission from the government to work. Dusted off my Camera and Laptop and start taking and selling portraits again and I'm still at it today...

About the only thing I've sold that I really failed at was Network Marketing / MLM type opportunities... although I've made some money promoting MLM and Affiliate Programs, so far the big profits in this Arena have escaped me but I'm still excited and grateful to be in the game!

Today I'm still learning from my mistakes and learning... from books, audios, and from others... but none of it was very useful until I actually took action on some of what I studied. You are either growing or dying... learning and movement/action helps to keep you young while sitting around to much drains your energy.

I'd be happy to list some of the books that have helped me... Some of the best you can get for free... put your library card to use... or ask others here which books they found useful...

Two of the best that I got for free came from www.workthesystem.com and http://schoolofthinking.org/who-dr-michael-hewitt-gleeson/about/training/10-dfq/newsell-coaching/

Also... read the E-Myth revisited... before deciding on which direction you want to go... http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=E-Myth%20revisited or get the audio versions from Audible.com and turn your car into a university.

As for me... I'm going to take another shot at the Network Marketing Industry. Not by selling Network Marketing but by selling the Picks, Shovels and Tools (http://www.297club.com/?id=steveski) that millions of Network Marketers already want and need and giving away Free Coaching and Lead Capture Pages (http://silverfoxleadfactory.com/cp6.php?user=steveski) from my Mentor "Harvey" aka The Silver Fox.

Take your time... save your money and go get yourself some real sales experience because everyone has to sell something... so you may as well decide to get good at now rather than later... Right?

You said you are looking for an investment or business. The biggest opportunity (if you are not careful) on the Internet today is the opportunity to waste your time and spin your wheels so get yourself some good coaches and mentors. If you want to look for a good business then invest in Dien and Michaels CD at: http://www.greatideasletter.com/ and discover hundreds and hundreds of great ones to choose from... but more important than looking, reading and dreaming... is scheming, doing, falling, getting back up again and again, learning from your mistakes and correcting your actions as you walk your path.

Just do your best in everything you do... that will make your Dad and family very proud of you!

Stephen Shulenski aka Steve Ski (http://steveski.com.au)

PS... It's not who you know... It's who you can take steps to meet and get to know!

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