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April 18, 2014, 03:18 PM
Thanks Dien For Giving Us Entrepreneurs a place to Share Ideas,

I Wrote an Ezine called, "The Best Definition of a Mastermind Group I Ever Made Munny With."

And several VIP's emailed to say, "You Should share that at the Warrior Forum."

I get lost over there.

Too many niches - I never know where to start. And prefer YOU Guys at sow pub instead.


Jim Straw used to discuss his Definition of A Mastermind with me. Before and
after he wrote his last book.

Put in my own Words Jim's Definition goes something like this:

**No more than 2 People Who are Working as a Team to Make Munny Together.
Or Accomplish any kind of co-operative project.

Jim's Experience had showed him that a Mastermind Group was only possible btwn two people.

Jim was worth about 500 million - so we're not going to argue.

But Jim's Book and his Experience Was Narrowly Focused on Deal Making.
Really profitable deals. Where you hand the list of what you HAVE to a prospect
and he HANDS You CASH - without any selling required.

Tough to Explain to others.

And Rough Going to Adapt and Apply in other Industry niches.


My 1st Mastermind Mentor Had piled up 426 Million Dollars when we met. Walter
Hailey Used HIS VERSION of a Mastermind Group
to start 4 companies, take them public and sell them.

Co #1 - Bread Flour

Co #2 - Insurance Sales

Co #3 - Oil & Gas

Co #4 - Seminars to Dentists

Here is a Chunk from my New Idea Testing Ezine...

The BEST Definition of a Mastermind Group I've EVER Found is a CASE STUDY.

AND After 24 years of interviewing self made millionaires.

This Munny Mastermind Story IS
Best and Clearest
Explanation of Mastermind Munny Making in Action...

How Walter Hailey Made His 1st M-illions S-elling Bread Flour.

The Whole Mastermind Story goes like this...

***Walter Read, "Think And Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill like the Rest of us.
Then took action.

5 foot tall 100 lb - Walter Decided to Form a Mastermind Group with a single goal. To S-ell LOTS and LOTS More Bread Flour to the Owners of Texas Food Stores.

***Walter Invited The Following S-alesmen to his home.

A - Jim's line was Crisco and cooking oil

B - Ralph was a Rep for a Line of Cooking gadgets. Can openers etc

C - Mike had a whole catalog of Canned Fruit for canning. (apples, peaches etc)

D - Eric Specialized in Fast Rising Rolls, sticky buns, muffins in a box

E - Sam had the best selection of species for baking

F - Tom Had Aprons, Chef's Hats, cooking attire

G - Bill Had all sizes, shapes of CookBooks

H - Steve Had Knives Galore

I - Phil Had All the Pots, Pie Pans, Baking Dishes You can imagine

J - Walter Hailey Did Baking Flour - all kinds of Flour


If You go Out and s-ell by yourself - You Only S-ell to one store at a time.

BUT - If We Create a Catalog of each Others Products - S-ell All 10 Product Lines Each Of us Has The Power of TEN.

One Man S-ells to 1 Store


One Man - S-ells to 10 Stores at a time

isn't it?

STATED Another way...

***NINE S-alesmen s-elling FOR YOU - instead of just You.

Walter Worked out a win-win Mastermind Moolah System SO - Profitable to Texas Grocery Store Owners - And Effortless - Cuz Walters MASTERMIND of 10 did all the work.

That The Owners of Grocery Stores



Jim Straw and Walter agree as I see it.

They each had a 1 to 1 Mastermind With Each Person They Dealt With. The
DIFFERENCE was that Walter's 9 men met at his house every morning.

And Jim did his Masterminding - 1 to 1 out of his Joint Venture or phone CONTACTS Book.


I've been able to make munny by adapting Walters Case Study. And since
Jim Straw's definition doesn't disagree - I combine the 2 in my mind.

MORE to Adapt and Chew on tho
with The Walter Hailey Mastermind Group Definition I think.

Glenn Osborn
Master of Ceremonies at The VIP Mastermind Group

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