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Don Alm
February 13, 2015, 06:09 PM
Holy Camoly.....I just returned from a GREAT lunch at my fave Mexican Rest and.....as I'm paying my bill....the owner comes over and thanks me.....so, since I have "Mobile On My Mind".....I pull out my Cell and log into my "Mobile Mockup" thingee and up comes THIS "Mobile Mockup"of HIS website.

I SHOW him what HIS website looks like on a Mobile device and WHAMMO! He cannot believe THAT is what people SEE when checking out HIS restaurant!

I tell him I....little ol' ME....can make it so EVERYONE with a "Phone" can SEE...HIS restaurant!

That was ALL it took to convince him that.....YES.....Donny (He calls me Donny).....DO IT FOR ME!

So.....excuse me for taking some space here BUT.....I thought someone would enjoy seeing how REAL "Sales People SELL our Stuff!

Don Alm......STILL finding way to "make money"

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