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February 1, 2016, 02:27 PM
Sometimes it just takes a little ingenuity... A will to solve some every day problems...

Everyone has every day problems. And in fact, you may have come up with a clever way to solve them...

If so, why not share it?

It could add some coin to your bank account (or even a few buckaroos)...

One lady did just that. Here's some more info on it...

She liked to mix cakes, using a cake mixer. But there was a problem...

Icing sugar flying all over the place! (Okay, so I exaggerate a little, but you get the picture...)

Putting her brain to the task, she figured out a solution...

A kind of "icing sugar guard" fixed the problem!

Now... She's started a small manufacturing run, and is selling them. You can find out more here...


http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/former_art_teacher_removes_the_mess_from_baking_wi th_a_universal_mixer_guard_1_4393495


Isn't there an every day problem you have, which you could profitably solve?

Best wishes,


This might be the post where I can get some answers since it is a problem of mine. First, has anyone been a personal concierge? The kind of person who runs personal errands, stands in line for people, takes their car to be serviced, waits for the maintenance, cable, utility guy, etc.

I ask because our Ministries is thinking of instituting a personal touch concierge service using caregivers who need money. We charge the customer and share the revenue with the concierge.

If you don't know, caregivers are one of the most under appreciated and under paid group in the world. We get calls from people telling us how they had to cut their work hours and in some cases quit completely to give care to a relative. Hence, they need money. I'll save the rest of the story and leave it at that.

Second I don't want to become a franchise. I just want to help folks in my local area and provide a blueprint for people in other areas to follow. Any suggestions on marketing this idea, or anything associated with it, would be helpful.


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