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January 4, 2017, 10:59 AM
11 through 21. Experiences & schools.
These next ten ideas all share the theme of DOING something outdoors, with YOU as the leader, planner, guide, FUN MAESTER. I'll include as many links as I can just to whet your appetite, OK? I've done this with golf, and have friends who still organize “adventures”, like going to Toronto or Casinos.

They could be day trips locally or International events, like climbing Mt. Everest. So here are ten ideas for you to let rattle around in your brain, maybe set off some neurons and get lit up with an adventure idea all of your own.

Golf adventures. http://www.adventures-in-golf.com/ Just one of many services catering to the golf nut. https://www.golfthere.com/golf-vacation-packages-for-groups If you love to golf, consider putting together some trips, even nearby, for example I used to take some of my students to King's Island in Cincinnati.
I'll have more on golf later with other ideas, after all, I did teach the game for over 25 years.***********************************

I guess there are still enough stupeed people playing golf these days. Like many a well known guru has said about his customers (behind closed doors)...take their money...before they spend it on something else stupid.

GOLF. Had a boom, a lull, a BOOM and today, could be a bust...They over built big golf courses...many a muni is or has closed.

BUT, there is still a lot of money to be made selling everything golf, especially escapes and experiences.

IF you want to see some of the experiences, check out:



And today, in Akron, at 25 degrees and a 20 mph vicious wind, I'm looking at SunFest... nothing beats FL in cold winter thoughts.


How do you profit? Well, as mentioned in the report, you can be
an organizer
a salesman
a travel agent, still have your license from the 80's travel boom? Or a bird dog for one?

Here are some other GOLF experiences you can organize in your area...

We have the Chili Open, started on a lake many years ago, a local event which is very popular.

A hole in one contest. I ran these on COURSES, Sat., Mostly at Valley View because the ninth was a short par three. Golfers paid to be in, if they got inside the circle, a sleeve of balls, name brand right there on the Tee. IF they made a Hole In One, they qualified for a shootout for a big prize, and I had a local charity receiving some profits.

PUTTING contest. I think a revision of Putt Putt type mini golf (every hole can be done in ONE) attached to a contest or ongoing point accumulations would have a real good chance of success and plenty of vacant retail space to set one up in.

Long Drive Contest. Macho, macho, macho man swings his club as hard as he can (or so sings the Village People). Again, works as a charity event

Par Three tournaments. The problem with golf, TIME the big courses they over built in the 80s take 4 to 5 hours. We have three executive courses in the area, you can play 9 holes in about an hour. They are always busy.

So, if you still like golf, these are some ideas for your new year. Of course, there is always the 350 buck weekend in your backyard video taping swings and giving lessons, just need a net, mat and balls.

I did very well in golf, until I grew to hate it and the people who played it.

Gordon Jay

PS. If anyone wants to teach, I might be willing to sell you my Magic J'Swing and my golf products...but it will be into the thousands, UNLESS you have licensing experience, then maybe a JV teaching and qualifying the swing teachers, and getting a piece of their action plus an annual renewal fee.

The J-Swing is less turn, less stress on the back, more suited for about 85% of all golfers, gives most instant distance increase...an all around better swing for most golfers vs the PGA model.


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