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January 5, 2017, 10:14 AM
FL-CtD has been my motto here and in the real world for a quarter of a century. At the center of this 'philosophy' are cash transactions. Or an exchange of value, sometimes barter, unless everything is barter to you.

I've been fortunate to have known and been around very successful people, and MOST of them are NOT the CHEST THUMPING glory hounds who demand people stop and pay their tribute

MOST are/were hard workers. Without need of a spotlight.

Now, if you are in the spotlight business, where your mug has to be out there because it is part (and sometimes parcel) of your business; ala GURU.

If you operate a personality based business, then you must self promote and you should be unabashed in your self-promtion, like Jeffrey Lant has written about in his book

But, probably less than 10% of business owners need to do this. Most businesses are known for their products and services and not based on celebrity of any kind.

Which brings me to 2017. Tomorrow I'll be a quarter of the way through my deck of scattered cards of ideas you can give some thought to (or not) and when I post # 15, it disappears from the Market.

So, most of you are either

established in a business and always alert to further bottom line enhancement


you may be working a job, you like, or hate and are looking either to supplement your job income or to replace your job.

THE problem too many of you face is, too many OPTIONS.

Too much possibility. Not enough time in your day or life to do everything, or even a little bit more than what you are doing now.

Not yet a week into the new year, let me ask my old standby: What do you want?

Your answer is the beginning of the road map which helps you get where you intend to go.

Keep on truckin if you had a good 2016,
make some adjustments for an increase of profits
give yourself a make over if you are not a happy camper
and consider whether you need to be in the heat of the Klieg lights of your own movie OR

would a Fly Low and Collect the Dough approach work for you?

Either way, you get to control the things you can, and do all you can do and it may be enough...


PS. Some of you need some serious career counseling and a kick to your AZZ to get you on a more profitable path, I think you know who you are, eh?

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