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Dien Rice
January 7, 2017, 09:07 AM
I start this with a tribute, this link to a 7 year old thread:


Pete Egeler published a HOTSHEET, The TN Fishing Guide. He got it to work by giving it away to stores, who either sold it for a buck or gave to their customers and inside Pete would run small ads.

His only problem was he was a bit rural, and it took a day to get them circulated.

If you are a sportsman, a hunter or fisherman, then you are familiar with guides, hotsheets, moon cycles and hot spots.

Here are some ideas for a Fishing Experience business:
Hi Gordon,

Thanks for sharing some great fishing money-making ideas...

Of course, fishing can be a relaxing pastime. Find a spot, bait the hook, cast the fishing rod, and wait...

And sometimes... wait... wait some more... keep waiting... and wait...

It can be disappointing when you don't get a single bite. However, anyone who's gone fishing has had that experience...

But... what if... ?

They've now created an underwater drone, to help with fishing! You can use the underwater drone, via remote control, to move around underwater and "see" through it's video lens. The point of using the underwater drone is to find where the fish are! (It also has sonar.)

Then... You can be sure you're casting your line where there are fish to be caught!

Surely there are hobby fishermen (and women) who would pay to rent an underwater drone for the day... To help make sure they go home with plenty of fish...!

Renting out these underwater drones could potentially be a viable business, especially in areas with lots of fishing tourism...

(Available for pre-order in Feb...)


The PowerRay underwater drone finds fish and films them in 4K

The hi-tech fisherman's friend: PowerRay drone can track fish underwater - and even drag your hook to them

PowerRay: Change the Fishing World

Best wishes,


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