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January 8, 2017, 10:16 AM
First, the report,

Christmas 2016
52 Scattered Thoughts on 2017
And How You Could Profit from Them

is available through today, then it goes away from the market. If you want it, send me 10 bux via PayPal to gjabiz@yahoo.com and I'll send it via return email attached as a PDF file, there is no download.

So, you don't need to buy it, all 52 ideas will be posted by Valentine's Day, however, IF you do, on Valentine's Day you will receive the follow-up report, based on questions and experiences and an extra # of ideas I didn't get into the report.

It is FREE, a bonus to the buyers of 52 Scattered Thoughts. So, there is my big "last chance" offer, and with me, you know by now, it really is.

OK, end of advertising, promotion and attempted influence.
Fifteen. The FARM experience. I did a lot of farm work as a kid, I had a few uncles who owned farms and we'd help out in the summer and at harvest. But today, many people have never seen a working farm. Find one near you, see if they are amenable to having kids from schools come for an hour or two, learn about the farm, eat lunch and go back to school.

Of course there are many out there, you can also approach other groups, youth groups in churches, YMCA, parks and rec or stick with school boards and put these learning experiences together. School trips are in many budgets, albeit, fast fading. Some are now FEE paid by parent type too. Now, when I say farm, it could be a ZOO, a dairy farm, orchard, a trip to the local dairy, food processor, bakery.

These are EXPERIENCES, for kids in schools, groups and individuals.

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