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January 16, 2017, 08:34 PM
Tested and proven. Over the last few decades I've asked people; "What do you want?" and asking once might not annoy them, but again and again certainly does. But that isn't the question which gets people to disappear from my life.

It is repeating back their statement of woe and adding, "So what are you doing about it?"

Example. I lost my job, I'll be broke in a couple of months.

ME: "Oh, you lost your job and will be broke soon, what are doing about it?"

Other examples: I need to lose 20 pounds, then ME: " Oh you need to lose 20 pounds, "What are you doing about it? "

It is a fun way to get rid of people. Some of you reading this have been the victims of this vicious question. Said sayonara to Gordon. Fair enough, but it isn't me who should be asking this question...

go into the bathroom, close the door, and ask the person in the mirror this question, and WATCH his response.

Instead of, " I need some money." Ask your reflection this, "You need some money, so what are you doing about it?"

NOTE this: there is no GOING in this very annoying question, there is only the present tense, the DOING. The question is not, what are you going to do about this....because that is delay, future, sometime later.

Going to is fuzzy, vague and indefinite procrastination, DOING needs an answer today. SEE? Doing is now, going to is?

If the answer, for the moment it is asked is: "I'm thinking (or worse, worrying) about it." Then know this, you better get to doing today rather than tomorrow.

Now we add in the blame game with it.
Example. I was doing great with Amazon but then it changed things, sort of like the guys who blamed Google for changing their algorithm and destroying their article marketing business. Build your sandcastles on someone's beach, a beach you don't own, you can hardly blame them for your demise, can you?

Try this with yourself, keep it simple, say FIVE areas of your life.

1) IF your financial situation isn't what you want it to be, then ask YOURSELF, what am I doing about it?

2) If your relationships are not as good as they could be, ask yourself the question of the day, what am I doing about it?

3) If your location isn't where you want it ask you know, the ?

4) Your thinking, or learning; doing? or GOING TO

5) Your spiritual life, and feelings of self worth, contribution ???

IF everything is peachy keen/hunky dory and you live in sun filled green pastures where you frolick your days away...then simply answer, "nothing", and keep DOING whatever it is you are doing.

But if things are NOT as you want them to be, and they could be, things within your control, I'm sorry to be so annoying but...

what are you DOING about it?


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